Custom Raspberry Pi MOTD (Fish)

    In my weekly tinkering sessions I almost always end up in my Pi 3. The default MOTD on the Pi is a licence reminder which after a while becomes a bit boring. Time to spice it up by introducing one ... Read More

    Changing Shells: Bash to Fish

    There’s nothing wrong with the default Bash terminal really. It’s is the de facto standard for many mac users and what I was taught to use at university. I stumbled across the Fish Shell from some ... Read More

    Installing Dokuwiki and PHP in NGINX

    I was looking to create a wiki for personal use, and wanted to utilise my Raspberry Pi once more as cheap platform to host things. There’s a good number of open source wiki platforms but after cons... Read More

    Random math with google sheets

    Recently I played my first session of Dungeons & Dragons. I enjoy RPG video games and decided to give the analog alternative tabletop a try. After learning some of the basic rules it wasn’t lon... Read More

    Relearning CSS layout

    I read a lot of Jen Simmons’ stuff and I’m convinced by her words about flexbox and grid being a big deal. At the time of writing CSS grid has 87.29% browser adoption, and flexbox has 97.3% (canius... Read More

    Finally up and running

    The last piece of uni work was finished around two weeks ago, and since graduating I feel somewhat liberated from academia. I finally have some time to get to work on projects which have been tempt... Read More