Current availability: Small projects only!

Hello you!

For the most part I design and create websites, but I also develop design systems and user experiences. I work at VizCareer Digital as part of their team building a video recruitment platform. I graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with first class honours, and been involved in a bunch of freelance projects.

If you are a potential client, and would like to hire me for work, don’t hesitate and send me a mail at mike@mikehart.io.


All the while studying, I was part-time self employed and completed a number of works for independent clients, this ranged from front-end development to brand identity or print.

During my 3rd year at university I was involved with Sharkey Construction as part of a development team building Python spiders, migrating large quantities of data out of a legacy CMS platform. I also spent the summer working with DataPA in Edinburgh which involved loads of JavaScript (backbone), and concept graphics. My honours project at university was focused on developing an affordable web hosting stack with NginX, Python Flask, and the Raspberry Pi.

Tell me more

I built this website using Jekyll and it’s hosted through GitHub pages. I plan to release the design on a Ruby Gem in the future (soon™). My course at university was Web design and development (BSc Hons) and is accredited by the British Computing Society (BCS).

When I’m not tinkering with the web, you can likely find me playing a bunch of video games, reading or watching a film.


Email me mike@mikehart.io or tweet me @mikehaart