Finally up and running

2 minute read

The last piece of uni work was finished around two weeks ago, and since graduating I feel somewhat liberated from academia. I finally have some time to get to work on projects which have been tempting me for months. In particular this website. Napier decided to pull the portfolio module from my course last year, so instead I studied another module based around security and privacy. I appreciated the new module but I had no time to develop my own space on the web.

But now

Here we are – my first personal site built without some bloated framework or overkill CMS. Sure I’ve had sites in the past but I’ve never felt confident enough that the end result will be maintainable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with the results here. Because I built the thing theres a sense of understanding whats going on under the hood.

My problem in the past was being too dependant on an easy way out with beautiful Wordpress themes or such like. I’m a sucker for great functionality and animations but the loading times on some Wordpress sites are unforgiving to users. I needed to cut my teeth on something which felt my own. Bootstrap 4 was tempting, but I held back and went fourth without that dependancy. All my previous work relied on Bootstrap but I always arrived at overriding defaults and wrangling css. I started learning css layout and just began making the layout of this site.

And then

Things are working mostly as intended here, and I’ve fallen in love with the Jekyll static web generator again. I have a couple of features which need some attention like post pagination and google analytics, but I want to do it semantically as possible. Rather than just hacking through it as fast as possible. The documentation on pagination looks fairly simple, I’ll start here and make my way towards what I feel fits in.

It feels a bit strange writing casually again after doing so many reports and formal writing. But it’s something I got a lot of benefit from before, so I’ll do my best to maintain it :)