Python Catalogue

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I completed this work while in my 3rd year at university, and look back with fond memories. It was a pivotal project because it introduced me to Python, as well as the Flask framework. Other than standard HTML frameworks, I hadn’t seen any frameworks which dynamically generated site pages before. I have since used Python Flask for a few more projects including my honours in 4th year.

Populating the template engine

I was tasked with creating a catalogue of something I liked (screen printed posters), however the challenge was to avoid the use of a database and instead populate the catalogue fields through other means.

I decided on parsing JSON as a means to store objects and properties, then placing these where needed in the page. Each of the poster objects had a dynamic ID which I could pick at random – allowing for random pages to be generated. The inclusion of custom branding, additional features (such as custom 404 page), and JSON meant the project was very successful.