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Does using a phone take away from an experience?

It’s common to see people using mobile phones in concerts and galleries, however there is some speculation about whether this practice impedes the overall experience. This was the topic posed to me while I was at university, and to answer this I relied on statistics to prove there was any significant difference.

Statistic analysis

The student’s T-test is fairly well known for comparing two sets of quantitive data when samples are collected independently. It determines a probability that two populations are the same regarding the variable in question. This experiment warranted a one-tailed hypothesis, in which technology hinders the experience.

I asked a set of people to wander around two galleries in the National Museum of Scotland, taking pictures and using their phone in only one of the galleries. Afterwards the participants completed a questionnaire measuring engagement levels.

The statistical test found a notable difference in the responses. Galleries without the use of a phone were more engaging. From the results of the test, you can tell which people used phones in which gallery, with a margin of error of 0.05%.